So I took a detour off the well beaten path of the enterprise standards of Java and went wandering for a year in the interesting little nooks of Ruby and Rails – it was simply awesome. Throw in Flex and and I was able to see the productivity jump that the blend of these technologies was able to provide. So if it was soooooo good for me – why look at Grails ?

Enterprise standards are one of those things that are too difficult to work around – specially in technology divisions of investment banks where I’ve done time for over a decade plus some. So Grails seems to bring the best of both the Rails worl and the Java world together

  1. It allows you access to dynamic programming via groovy
  2. It allows you to leverage your existing s/w infrastructure such as app servers, custom java libs and the plethora of open source java libs
  3. It allows you to leverage existing skills of your programmers, support groups and deployment specialists (Of course if they need to learn Groovy – but the learning curve from Java is not steep)
  4. Finally there are the perceptions that are difficult to fight such as Java is better and more stable and show me whos using Ruby etc etc.

This point should not be taken lightly as most decisions by management are not based on technical grounds but on the perception of the technology being used.

Hence Grails fits the bill for enterprise development more that Rails. So now a deep dive into Grails is warranted and I’ll keep blogging about my progress here